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Lidded Storage Boxes ($4.38-$6.25)


The Contain-It Organizers are made of clear acrylic and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Contain-It Organizers options:

- Small Square Lidded Box AHD-HUA-H-676 (2x2x2 center picture with stamps)
- Medium Square Lidded Box AHD-HUA-H-678 (2.5x2.5x2 bottom left)
- Large Square Lidded Box AHD-HUA-H-679 (3x3x2 pictured top left)
- Double Compartment AHD-HUA-H-677 (4x2x2 pictured holding stamps and push pins)
- Rectangle Lidded Box AHD-HUA-H-680 (6.25x2x2 top right acrylic box containing pencils)

Descriptors: acrylic, Lucite, plexiglass Lidded Box organizes.

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Lidded Storage Boxes ($4.38-$6.25)
SKU AHD-HUA-H-676, 677, 678, 679, 680
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