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Perfume Bottle Classic Shape Sculptures ($331.50 - $386.75)


These Perfume Bottle Sculptures are made of colored acrylic (violet/emerald and magenta/emerald) and clear acrylic. Other color options are available.

- Small Violet & Emerald Perfume Bottle Sculpture AHD-MUN-BT-3, Dimensions: 10"x 4"x 12" H
- Large Emerald & Magenta Perfume Bottle Sculpture AHD-MUN-BT-70, Dimensions: 8"x 4"x 18" H

SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the size/weight of this product, please contact us (877-99ACRYLIC) to confirm shipping details & additional freight charges.

Descriptors: acrylic, Lucite, plexiglass, perfume bottle sculptures in magenta, blue and clear acrylic.

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Perfume Bottle Classic Shape Sculptures ($331.50 - $386.75)
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