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Acrylic Cleaner ($5.00-$10.00)


NOVUS #1 Acrylic Cleaner cleans and polishes all types of plastic without harsh chemicals. After cleaning, acrylic products will repel dust, eliminate static and resist fogging & finger prints.

Instructions for Cleaning Acrylic: Apply NOVUS No. 1 to surface and wipe in long strokes. To polish, re-apply NOVUS No. 1 to a clean cloth with short circular strokes. Buff to create a glaze and re-apply regularly to maintain antistatic, anti-smudge and scratch resistant properties.

Available in:
- 2oz bottle AHD-HUA-PC-12
- 8oz bottle AHD-HUA-PC-10

** Call for Quantity Pricing **

Acrylic Cleaner ($5.00-$10.00)
Pricing varies based on the bottle size selected.
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