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Acrylic Fine Scratch Remover ($6.25-$12.50)


NOVUS No. 2 - Acrylic Scratch Remover removes FINE scratches, haziness and abrasions from acrylics, Lucite, plexiglass, most plastics. It removes the damage instead of filling will also restore faded and discolored plastics

Instructions for Removing Fine Scratches: If the surface is not clean use NOVUS No. 1 to clean. Test NOVUS No. 2 in an inconspicuous area. Apply liberally and polish with a clean cloth in a back and forth motion. Buff with short strokes. For heavy scratches, try NOVUS No. 3.

Available in:

-2oz AHD-HUA-PC-22

-8oz AHD-HUA-PC-20

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Acrylic Fine Scratch Remover ($6.25-$12.50)
Pricing varies based on the bottle size selected.
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