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Acrylic Heavy Scratch Remover ($7.50-$15.00)


NOVUS NO. 3 - Heavy Scratch Remover removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces. Use with NOVUS NO. 1 to clean the surface and NOVUS No. 2 for fine scratches and polish.

How to Remove Heavy Scratches from Acrylic Products: Test in an inconspicuous area. Apply liberally to a clean cloth and polish in a back and forth motion until only fine scratches remain. Remove all remaining polish. Use NOVUS No. 2 to clean the fine scratches and NOVUS No. 1 to buff and protect the surface.

Available in:

- 2oz AHD-HUA-PC-32

- 8oz AHD-HUA-PC-30

** Call for Quantity Pricing **

Acrylic Heavy Scratch Remover ($7.50-$15.00)
Pricing varies based on the bottle size selected.
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